We’ve heard from small businesses that digital advertising doesn’t work. And they are right – when the objectives, copy or audiences haven’t been thought through. We know it works, and It might have even brought you here.

Digital advertising is a gift for small to medium businesses. For potentially less than the cost of insurance, we can create a strategy that converts your target market into customers. Blitz Digital manage everything from digital advertising strategy through to ad optimisation and reporting, keeping your click-rate high and cost per click low. Bottomline: we give you more bang for your buck.

  • Research where your target marketing lives online: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outbrain, YouTube and Google Ads.
  • Build an advertising strategy funnel that meets business objectives. This includes short-term promotion and automated advertising techniques.
  • Install and implement remarketing strategies to overcome audience objections.
  • Generate pre-qualified lead audiences that raise conversion rates on ads.
  • Create copy and design assets for all digital platforms, using industry knowledge and best practices.
  • Monitor all adverts, tweak copy and audiences to ensure your ads are delivering campaign objectives
  • Report on activity and repeat.

Your success is our success. Talk to us about how your business can blitz the digital advertising scene.

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