Posting a job to SEEK isn’t as effective as it used to be. Due to this, a diversified sourcing strategy is a necessity to attract top talent to your business. Recruitment marketing is growing for a reason. Potential candidates are either bombarded with jobs they are not interested in, or they just don’t see the jobs they’d love. This is why recruitment marketers strategically put roles in front of the perfect candidate with a proposition they can’t ignore.

With five years’ experience in social media recruitment marketing, we know what converts passive talent into productive employees. We use a mix of data analytic trickery, industry and audience insights, and creative campaigns that engage. Specifically we:

  • Dive into hiring data and careers website to analyse the current state of recruitment marketing activities and identify marketing opportunities.
  • Create and implement Facebook and LinkedIn careers page strategies that talk directly to your target market.
  • Identify where niche audiences of hard to find, or volume roles, are living on social media.
  • Build social media and web advertising pipeline that feeds into your talent pool and candidate list.
  • Manage organic social media page content that promotes company values, showcases employees growth and entices top candidates to join.

Talk to us about how we can help your recruitment or sourcing teams save time and money – we can even come and teach a social media recruitment marketing masterclass.

It’s time to reframe recruitment as marketing.

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