Your website is the online shop front for your business. It’s where all of your marketing efforts point and where your audience decided to talk action, or not. This is why website optimisation should be at the top of your digital to-do list. Let us help you convince your target market to invest their time, and money into your business, raise your conversion rates and empower your website to do the sales work for you.

No, we don’t build websites, but we add that extra layer of data intelligence and marketing savvy that will turn your website into a moneymaker through the following methods:

  • Dive into website data to analyse where users are engaging.
  • Clean up the user journey to point towards business objectives.
  • Check Search Engine Optimisation opportunities in metadata and keyword density.
  • Edit copy to speak directly to users and reach business goals.
  • Build internal links to elevate time on site.
  • Close the marketing funnel to feed users back to social media assets.
  • Ensure pixels and web tags are installed to aid in marketing efforts.

Work with Blitz Digital on your website optimisation, watch your Google rank rise, audience convert and users return for more.

Get in touch, tell us your website pain points and we can work together on a dedicated solution.

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