This page title may be misleading. This is not about Blitz Digital, it’s about how we can help you.

Blitz Digital is Wellington’s newest digital marketing agency specializing in digital strategy creation and implementation. Don’t let that ostentatious description put you off, we make it easy for your target market to find you on social media and your website, and turn them into customers.

It’s a true partnership: we take time to understand your business direction and work with you to build organic and paid social media strategies, streamline your website visitor journey and create engaging content that will keep your customers coming back.


With ten years of experience in advertising and digital marketing across New Zealand and Australia, we know what works. We’ve worked with some of the best businesses in Australasia that provide professional services, create events, restaurants, retail, and trades. Some notable companies include Aon, Fonterra, Jetstar, New Zealand Festival (Wellington based arts festival), and the New Zealand International Film Festival where we provided the following:

  • Copywriting for corporate communications and brand voices.
  • Digital and social media strategy creation and implementation in both organic and paid environments.
  • Design of social media brand imagery and videos.
  • Website content management.
  • Marketing funnel building using Facebook pixels and remarketing techniques.
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, OutBrain, and Google Ads.
  • Analytics analysis and reporting.
  • Proposal writing and sales conversion.

Blitz Digital have a slew of Wellington creatives at our fingertips; designers, photographers, videographers and other specialists who we can bring in on the big jobs and get what you need done.

We want to help you get to the point where your website and social media presence does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Let your digital footprint work for you, by working with us.

Find out more about our services and get in touch. Let’s blitz it!