Keep your click-rate high and cost per click low with digital advertising on Facebook and Google. Bottomline: we give you more bang for your buck.

Gone are the days of megabucks spent on glossy magazines and TV commercials. We can now micro target your audience where they live, online. 


Digital advertising is a gift for small to medium businesses. The targeting abilities of Facebook and Google ads are unparalleled. They provide an incredible amount of data that makes it easy prove your return on investment.

These digital advertising platforms are giants. There are 63,000 Google searches per second, and 1.63 million people log into Facebook everyday. And it doesn’t stop there – they have millions of website that they can advertise on, including Instagram and YouTube. Google and Facebook ads work in two distinct styles, making them fantastic partners.



Target potential clients to build brand awareness, and remarket to gain trust and conversions.



Talk to your audience when they’re searching for similar products and services. They’re ready to buy.

And a little known secret is that these are not “set and forget” channels. Each ad can be optimised to ensure you’re exceeding marketing objectives. This is why people bring in Blitz.

Blitz Digital Marketing manage everything – from digital advertising strategy through to ad optimisation and reporting – to keep your click-rate high and cost per click low. We save you money and time by digging into the data to create campaigns that convert. Bottomline: we give you more bang for your buck.  


Blitz business goals with a data-driven Wellington digital marketing agency hell-bent on your success.